Girls Go Straight Out Of The Pub - Daily Record August 15 2005

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Hair machine lures punters

Exclusive By Lachlan Mackinnon

WOMEN have been heading in droves to a city centre pub - ever since hair-straighteners were fitted in the toilets.

Bosses at The Social in Glasgow have reported a roaring trade since installing the beauty appliance a month ago.

The £1-a-minute ceramic straighteners are favoured by stars including Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell.

Jay Spence, who runs Another Model Agency in Glasgow, said 'I am in the city centre scouting for models a lot and I usually pop into The Social to straighten my hair.

'Frizzy hair is most definitely out, so they are a godsend.

'Lots of women go out with fantastic hair, only to look like they have been dragged through a hedge backwards half-way through the night.'

Karen Ross, 26, of Glasgow, agreed, adding: 'The hair straighteners can rescue your night from disaster.

'I only spotted them a couple of weeks ago on a night out with the girls and I think they're brilliant.

'Scotland is such a rainy country and you're hair always gets frizzy so straighteners are essential.'

Primary teacher Angie Ratter, 27, added: 'It's great to be able to touch up your hair during the night. No one likes to dance with hair like Makosi from Big Brother. And I know plenty of guys who use them too.'

The Social owners G1Group said they had also installed the GHD straighteners in some of their other bars like Be-Lo.

Karen Thomas,manager of The Social, in Royal Exchange Square,said: 'We have had the straighteners installed for just over a month and they have proved a huge hit with all our female customers.

'Everyone's using them.Business women drop in for a bite to eat and a coffee at lunch time and straighten their hair and make-up before going back to work.

'Groups of girls also pop in after work for a cocktail and a freshen up for their big night out.'

Jenny Dodds, manager of Be-Lo, said: 'Girls who have been strutting their stuff on the dance floor like to use them because it gives them a sleek and sexy look

The revolutionary ‘hair straightener vending machine’ has arrived.*

In today’s world image is everything. We spend billions annually on looking good not to mention the endless hours that are invested in the strive for perfection, only to be inevitably frustrated as soon as we step outside - rain, wind, heat, humidity or even our daily routines can cause perfectly styled hair to 'frizz' and ruin the best night or day out.

The saviour of bad hair days has arrived, the Beautiful Vending Styler machine is now available in clubs, bars, gyms and shopping centres; so for those occasions when sleek and sexy turns to shock and horror, we have the solution.

*International Patent PCT applied for and European Community Designs Registered