Target Market

This machine is aimed at the trendy, popular Pub, Club, Gymnasium and Shopping Centre markets. It is a top end product for top end businesses. It will compliment any trendy unit by offering the style-conscious female customers the chance to continually look their best at all times. Your customer’s bad hair days are now a thing of the past, and they will thank you once our Beautiful Vending machine is installed.

bv_new_machine (1)


Our machines are easy to install with no sockets showing and can be protected by its own power breaker facility.


We have a local qualified maintenance team on hand in case of any unforeseen technical problems, ensuring your service is down for as little time as possible. UK only.

Promo Material

We have a range of stylish promotional material available to suit each unit’s requirements. We encourage all the venues involved with Beautiful Vending to shout from the rooftops about this great service.

GHD Ceramic Irons

We use the award winning GHD Irons as they are the UK's leading brand. They are used by all the leading hair stylists throughout the UK and in our opinion are head and shoulders above the competition


The product is compact and stylish so will compliment the most stylish of bathrooms rather than cause an unsightly obstruction. Please note the product uses less power than a standard light bulb when on.


All our products come with our insurance policy.

Legal Protection

As the innovators we are continuously innovating and protecting our product and will pursue with vigour anybody who infringes our intellectual property.

Duty of Care

We ensure that we take all necessary steps to ensure that the required ‘Duty of Care’ is taken while our product is in use.


Due to the high temperatures the plates remain sterile.

Steven McColm
Steven McColm
Business Development Manager, Luminar Leisure

The Straight Up machines have brought increased value to our female customer's 'going out' experience and the guys aren't complaining either

Tom Cullen
Tom Cullen
Director of Operations, CPL

"We have had nothing but positive feedback from our female customers since we had the ‘Straight Up’ vending machine installed. So much so that we now have a machine in everyone of our venues in Glasgow

Carlo Citti
Carlo Citti
Owner, Club Campus & Guru

"I actually had the first ever ‘Straight Up’ machine installed in one of my units. From day 1 the girls have all loved it"